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Posted on: Fri 08 Jul 2011

Karl Robinson has confirmed Dean Lewington will once again captain MK Dons this season and Stephen Gleeson has been named vice-captain.

The captains' armband was first handed to Dean prior to the 2008/09 season, following the departure of Keith Andrews to Blackburn Rovers, and Roberto Di Matteo, Paul Ince and Robinson have all seen the qualities in the left-back worthy of skippering the side.

Dean, the longest serving player at the club, has 382 appearances for the Dons to his name and he believes the role of captain is one he has grown into.


Speaking to MK Dons Player Dean said: "At the start it can be difficult; I think you can try a little bit too hard and feel like everything is your responsibility. As the seasons have gone by you have different situations and you have to let people get on with their own stuff sometimes and know when to step in and when to step back.

"That's the main thing I have learnt with experience, you can't always do things by yourself, sometimes you need the help of others and we've got a good squad with people who will step up to the plate and it's important it's not just my voice moaning!"

Twenty-two-year-old Stephen has been promoted to vice-captain and the midfielder, who now has now made over 70 appearances for the Dons, believes he will mature in his new role.

Stephen said: "The Gaffer rang me and told me he was considering giving me a bit more responsibility, maybe make me grow up a bit more. It's a great honour for me, I've been at the club for two years now and even though I'm still only young I'm probably one of the senior heads here now. It's a great honour and I can't thank the Gaffer enough.

"I can be a bit hot headed sometimes, I know it goes over the top sometimes but I think it's part of my game and hopefully with a bit more responsibility I can calm down a bit more. I've done a lot of growing up since I've been at this Club, I'm still quite young, but I need to grow up a bit more. Me and Dean can work together, give each other our opinions and hopefully push this Club into the Championship."

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